Frequently Asked Questions

If prompted, enter your network password and then click the Done button. Your TV is now linked to the internet. Select “OK.”

1 Press the Menu button on your  remote and open settings.
2 Go to General and select Network.
3 Choose “Open Network Settings.”

The menu path for accessing the Network Settings on your TV may vary:
On newer TVs, choose Settings > General > Network > Open Network Settings.
On older televisions, navigate to Settings > Network > Network Settings.

4 Among the network types, choose Wireless.
5 Choose a Wi-Fi network

Please keep in mind that some televisions (particularly 2018 models) only support 2.4GHz networks.

6 Enter your Wi-Fi network password and select Done.
Please consult the user manual for your router if you want to change the WiFi password.

7 Your television will test the network connection and show any problems. Select We’re almost done.

You must first turn on your TV before connecting it to a mobile hotspot.

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